Investment Criteria


  • EBITDA from $2 to $12 million

Industry Focus

  • Manufacturing
  • Value-added distribution
  • Industrial services
  • Business services
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Investment Criteria

Desco Capital looks for opportunities to add value to a business unit through its operational
expertise and strategic capabilities.


  • EBITDA from $2 to $12 million (no EBITDA requirement for underperforming / distressed opportunities)
  • Profitable, growth businesses, and underperforming / distressed situations
  • Desco Capital's industry focus is not strictly limited. However, Desco Capital is actively seeking investments in manufacturing, specialty distribution and industrial services businesses. For additional information, see the Industry Focus page.
  • Headquarters in the United States, but can have significant international operations
  • Existing management desired, but not required
  • Controlling or minority equity positions