Investment Criteria


  • EBITDA from $2 to $12 million

Industry Focus

  • Manufacturing
  • Value-added distribution
  • Industrial services
  • Business services
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Desco completes add-on acquisition for Marsh Bellofram Corporation

On October 11, 2010, Desco Corporation acquired substantially all of the assets of ServoTek Products, Inc. of Hawthorn, New Jersey.  ServoTek manufactures instrument grade tachometers for use in rough service, high accuracy applications such as aircraft landing gear, construction equipment, motors and generators.  Desco Corporation closed the transaction approximately 30 days after initial review. 

Desco Corporation will integrate the ServoTek Products business with the Automatic Timing and Controls subsidiary of Marsh Bellofram Corporation.  ServoTek has been manufacturing tachometers and encoders for over 50 years and its unique product line complements the tachometers currently produced by Automatic Timing and Control.

About Marsh Bellofram Corporation 

Marsh Bellofram Corporation is a world-class manufacturer of industrial products that are widely used in processing, refining and control applications around the globe.  At Marsh Bellofram, engineering, product design, manufacturing, customer care, quality assurance and order fulfillment all come together under one roof.  This allows the company to provide its customers with “one-call” convenience for support services and a broad spectrum of custom and off-the-shelf products.  Marsh Bellofram’s manufactured product lines include: industrial timers and counters, relays, sensors, switches, pressure regulators, rolling diaphragms, motor protection devices, pump and level controls, phase voltage monitors / alarms, gauges, seals, thermocouples, temperature controls, meters and cylinders.